Owners Corner

Surf Season Write-In

Surf Season 2024 begins on Friday, June 28, 2024.
2025 Surf Season Reservations is Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Surf Season Write-In process:

» Click here to view your Lottery Number or to verify receipt of your write in request. 


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» Submit your write in request online.

» On Surf Day, you can monitor what is available here.

» Surf Day Packet

Submit your Write-In requests for Surf Season 2025 before 7:00 AM on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

If your matrix is received later than 3 days before Surf Day, it’s placed at the end of the Write-In queue.

Write-In Randomization

To give owners a better chance of getting a good write-in priority number every three years, all 275 Surf Season intervals are grouped into three groups of about 92 intervals, designated Red, White, and Blue. Every interval is assigned to one of those color groups and remains with that group year after year.

On a three-year cycle, each color group in turn has top priority as follows: in one year, intervals in Red have priority 1–92, White 93-184, Blue 185-275; the next year, White have priority 1-92; and in the third year, Blue have priority 1-91. Then the cycle repeats.

Within each color group, the priority for processing reservation requests is determined by a random list created (computer-generated) by Tricom and approved at the January Board meeting. The list is posted to this page before the end of January each year (and removed from the site after Surf Day).

Upcoming Write-In Priority (Color) Cycles

Surf Day 2024: WHITE -> BLUE -> RED

Surf Day 2025: BLUE -> RED -> WHITE

Example: Suppose you own an interval in the Red group. Your position in the Write-In queue on Surf Day 2025 (June 25, 2024) will be between 94 and 184 because of the priority Red has this year; your exact position will be determined by the randomized list of owner numbers in January 2024.

In the following year, your interval position will be between 1 and 93, and for Surf Day 2027 it will be above 186.

Reservations Request Matrix

In May/June, you will receive a Surf Day packet containing a Reservation Request Matrix of weeks and units you can request in the next Surf Season. You will also be able to download the matrix from this page or to fill it out online and submit it directly (recommended).

Fill out the matrix, one copy for each interval you own, and submit it (print-and-mail, email, or online) no later than 3 days prior to Surf Day.

The Reservations Request Matrix for Surf Day 2024 (June 27, 2023) will be available here before June 2023.

To increase your chances of getting a week you want in a unit you want, request as many choices as you can, with alternative units and dates, ranked in order of preference.

If you own more than one Surf Season interval

Submit a separate Matrix for each Surf Season interval you own. You may link your request to one other interval you own by following the directions on the form.

Linked Requests

Here’s how linking works: When your first request is processed, the request that is linked to it is held for one cycle (phone, walk-in) and then is processed next, regardless of its position in the Write-In queue.

You can link two requests for intervals you own. You cannot link to an interval of a family member, friend, or any other owner, and you can’t link more than two intervals.

The Purpose of Linking

Linking requests is intended primarily to allow owners to reserve two units in the same week or one unit in two consecutive weeks. However, you can link any two requests, so owners with a high-priority interval will often link that request to an interval with a lower priority.