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Laguna Season Trigger Dates

A trigger date is the earliest date you can make reservations for Laguna Season in the following year. Each Trigger Date is 13 months ahead of the Friday start of a Laguna Season week. Depending on the number of days in the thirteenth month, Trigger Dates will fall on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (February).

To Make a Request

Email: Send requests to lagunasurf@tricommanagment.com. Requests may be sent up to two weeks prior to the Trigger Date, but should be received no later than noon on the preceding Friday.

See Laguna Season Reservations for details.

Trigger Dates 2021 for Reservations in 2022

Trigger Dates 2021
Trigger Dates

Trigger Dates 2022 for Reservations in 2023

Trigger Dates 2022