Surf Season

Surf Season Reservations

Surf Season 2023 begins on Friday, June 30, 2023. Surf Day 2024 is Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Surf Season is the 11-week summer period from Week 26 through Week 39. It normally begins on the Friday before July 4th and ends the week after Labor Day.

Most Surf Season reservations are made on a single day known as Surf Day, the first day on which reservations can be made for Surf Season of the following year.

Who can make a reservation?

Surf Season owners have priority.  (Technically, any owner in good standing* (or an authorized proxy*) may request a reservation in Surf Season, but only only Surf Season owners may make reservations on Surf Day*. See below.)

When? On or after Surf Day

  • Surf Season owners may make reservations beginning on Surf Day.
  • Surf Season owners may call the Front Office to request a reservation any time after Surf Day.
  • Laguna Season owners may call to request a reservation in Surf Season up to eleven months ahead (so, about one month after Surf Day).

Surf Day each year is the Tuesday of Week 25, the week before the start of Surf Season.

  • Surf Day 2024 is Tuesday, June 27, 2023
  • Surf Day 2025 is Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Notice the terminology: “Surf Day 2024” is the first day in 2023 on which you can make reservations for Surf Season 2024.

You can find an explanation of terms like “use week,” “proxy,” etc. on the Reservations Overview page.

Good to Know

Ocean View units  and upper floor units are in high demand. 

Owners who are flexible in the units and weeks they want generally get the best reservations.

How? Write-In, Phone-In, and Walk-In

About 4 – 6 weeks before Surf Day, a Surf Day Packet is mailed to all Surf Season owners, giving details of the procedures for the upcoming Surf Day. To improve your chances of getting the week you want in the unit you want, make requests using all three reservations methods: Write-In, Phone-In, Walk-In.

On Surf Day, calls in the phone queue are logged for later call-back, and then reservation requests are processed in rotation: Walk-In, Phone-In, Write-In.

If you own multiple intervals, you may make two reservations (but only two, no matter how many intervals you own) from your position in each queue. See details for each queue.

Write In


Before Surf Day

There are two elements to the Surf Season Write-In process:

» An annual lottery in January which assigns a priority order to all 275 Surf Season intervals.

» A Reservations Matrix used to submit your preferences (weeks and units) for the upcoming Surf Season.

Always send a write-in request.

Submit your Write-In requests for Surf Season 2024 before 7:00 AM on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

If your matrix is received later than 3 days before Surf Day, it’s placed at the end of the Write-In queue.

Phone In


On Surf Day

There are two steps to the Surf Season Phone-In process:

  1. At 7:00 am PDT, phoneIn to the 800-number provided in your Surf Day packet to claim your place in the queue. (You do not make a reservation at this step.)
  2. Later, you receive a call back at the number you provided in Step 1 to make your reservation.

Walk In


On or Before Trigger Date

Wait in line at the resort on or before Surf Day and make one or two reservations in person. In practice, some owners begin to wait in line many days before Surf Day.