Reservations Overview

Make a Reservation

This entire set of pages describing Reservations is presented as an owner-friendly guide to reservations procedures.  Every attempt has been made to be accurate, but in case of conflict, the official Board-approved documents prevail: Policies and Procedures for Reservations and Rules and Regulations.

For every interval you own at Laguna Surf,  you have the right to reserve one week per calendar year (your annual Use Time) at Laguna Surf in one of two seasons, Surf Season or Laguna Season. You also have the right to use (but not rent) additional time, known as Coast Time and Bonus Timeif available.

The two seasons are determined using numbered weeks, where Week 1 each year begins on the first Friday of January. Weeks by Number.

Any deeded owner in good standing, or their authorized proxy, can make a reservation. Reservations may be made for Use Time, Bonus Time, and Coast Time by contacting Laguna Surf (+1 800-215-0201 or +1 949-497-6299), except on Surf Day and on Laguna Season Trigger Dates, as summarized below.

Use Week

This is the Friday-to-Friday week  you are entitled to each year because you own an interval at Laguna Surf.

Reservation Week

All reservation weeks begin on a Friday (check-in 4:00 pm) and end the following Friday (check-out 10:00 am).

Good Standing

You are in good standing as long as you are current with your membership dues.

Authorized Proxy

An adult (18+ years) who has written authorization from you (email is ok) to make a reservation using your owner number(s).

Surf Season

Surf Season is the eleven-week period from late June to early September.

Most Surf Season reservations are made on a single day known as Surf Day, the first day on which reservations can be made for Surf Season of the following year.

Example: Reservations for Surf Season 2023 will begin on June 28, 2022 (“Surf Day 2023”).

Owners of Surf Season intervals have priority for reserving Surf Season weeks.

  • Surf Day 2023 is Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • Surf Day 2024 is Tuesday, June 27, 2023
  • Surf Day 2025 is Tuesday, June 25, 2024
  • Surf Day 2026 is Tuesday, June 24, 2025
  • Surf Day 2027 is Tuesday, June 23, 2026

Laguna Season

Laguna Season is the period that runs from mid-September through the end of June (Week 1 to 25 and Week 37 to 52).

Reservations for Laguna Season are made week by week, on or after a date known as a Trigger Date.

Each Trigger Date–there is one for each week of Laguna Season– is exactly 13 months in advance of each Friday check-in date.

Extra Time at The Resort

Bonus Time

Bonus Use Time at Laguna Surf may be reserved throughout the year on a space-available basis up to 28 days in advance of check-in. Reservations must be for a minimum of two nights and can only be made and used by owners. Many rooms are typically available during January, February, and March but vacancies may occur at any time due to cancellations, no-shows, etc. The nightly rate is one-seventh of the annual maintenance fee and is currently $104.57.

Coast Time

Coast Time is a special program just for Laguna Surf owners whereby the owner of a single interval can stay additional weeks at the resort throughout the year.  Please contact the resort for rates. Coast Time is a limited number of full weeks, set aside based upon the current delinquency rate, that may be reserved and used by Laguna Surf owners only. Reservations may be made up to eleven (11) months in advance of check-in. Any Coast Time week that has not been reserved 28 days prior to check-in will then become available as Bonus Time. Be sure to call Reservations and reserve a week to enhance the value of your ownership!