Surf Day Overview

Surf Day Overview

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How? Write-In, Phone-In, and Walk-In

About 4 – 6 weeks before Surf Day, a Surf Day Packet is mailed to all Surf Season owners, giving details of the procedures for the upcoming Surf Day. To improve your chances of getting the week you want in the unit you want, make requests using all three reservations methods: Write-In, Phone-In, Walk-In.

On Surf Day, calls in the phone queue are logged for later call-back, and then reservation requests are processed in rotation: Walk-In, Phone-In, Write-In.

If you own multiple intervals, you may make two reservations (but only two, no matter how many intervals you own) from your position in each queue. See details for each queue.

Write In


Before Surf Day

Write in (email or US Mail) to arrive no later than noon on the Friday before Trigger Date.


US Mail: 611 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA  92651

Always send a write-in request, to arrive the week before Trigger Date

Writein requests are randomized at noon on the Friday before each Trigger Date, so there’s no advantage to sending your request very early just don’t send it late. You will receive an email confirming your request was received.

Phone In


On Surf Day

At 7:00 am PDT, phoneIn to the 800-number provided in your Surf Day packet. Your call is held in an automatic queue. You can make one or two reservations per phone call.

The Phone Queue 

Your call is placed into an automated queue. When your call is answered, you’ll be told your place in the queue and asked for a call back number.

You’ll be called when it’s your turn to make a reservation.

Walk In


On or Before Trigger Date

Wait in line at the resort on or before Trigger Date and make one reservation in person. To reserve high-demand weeks (May, June, September), some owners begin to wait in line one or two days before Trigger Day.

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