This listing is updated periodically on the website but changes occur often.
Please check Online for the most current data. www.lagunasurf.org

7/02/7/9/21Village View-- 201Alin Tavitian(818) 419-7448Alin.tavitian@gmail.com  
07/02/9/21Ocean View 202Olivia Fajardo(626)-758-2702jeffrey_fajardo@hotmail.com>
7/9-7/16/21Ocean View--112Adrea Brier(415) 308-4818
7/16-7/23/21Ocean View--112Adrea Brier(415) 308-4818
8/20-8/27/21Ocean View--104Steven Whitman(206) 459-0653grandfogger@yahoo.com
9/10-9/17/21Village View--301Nick (714)615-0345
10/29-11/5/21Ocean View--306Olivia Fajardo(626) 758-2702jeffrey_fajardo@hotmail.com
12/17-12/24/21Ocean View--312Glenn Wallmark(818) 426-7773gwallmark@sbcglobal.net
12/31-1/7/22Ocean View--302Nick (714)615-0345
1/7-1/14/22Ocean View--110Nick (714)615-0345
1/14-1/21/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
1/21-1/28/22Ocean View--106Nick (714)615-0345
1/28-2/4/22Ocean View--202Nick (714)615-0345
2/4-2/11/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
2/11-2/18/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
2/18-2/25/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
2/25-3/4/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
3/4-3/11/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
3/11-3/18/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
3/18-3/25/22Ocean View--102Nick (714)615-0345
4/1-4/8/22Ocean View--306KB(949) 280-7933roxybaxy1@gmail.com

Nightly Rentals may be available with a two night minimum. Nightly Rates are based on location and season (Plus 12% Laguna City Tax): $175 to $250 September-April; $200-$250 May-June;$300-$350 July/August Please contact Laguna Surf Resort at (949) 497-6299 ext.0

See photos and information on our website www.lagunasurf.org

*July 4th Weekend and Labor Day Weekend are considered High season Rates*

Deadline for rental submissions is Tuesday’s @ 4:00 PM